Saturday, 17 March 2018

Five essential gifts for your beautiful mom on Mother’s day!

Where do moms spend most of the time during the day and even some part of the night? Well, you guessed it right! It is the KITCHEN! This mother’s day gift her things that will make her time enjoyable in the kitchen and of course make her think about you all the time she is in there! Here is a list of five lovely and useful Mother’s Day Gifts for your hardworking mom:

1.     Personalised Apron
This is definitely an essential item for the kitchen. Let your mom’s dress not get spoilt while she is busy cooking for you or cleaning the kitchen. This apron serves two purposes; one is to keep the dress clean and the other one is to remind her about you. Yes, you have given her this gift so how can she not remember you and make you something special? The message on the apron can either be her name, a witty remark or even a touchy message. 

2.     Casserole dish set
The best way to serve the most delicious food on earth is in a trendy and classy casserole dish set. Any meal prepared by mom, the world’s best chef, deserves to be served in a lovely casserole dish set. You can buy this online at a good offer and gift it to your mom. She will feel extremely delighted and make sure to impress the family with more dishes in future. She will be proud and happy when guests compliment her on the presentation of the dishes. 

3.     Personalised chopping board set
You can also buy a personalized chopping board set online for your loving mom. She can keep one for chopping veggies and the other one for fruits. Next time she chops onions, she will shed tears but this time it will be tears of joy thinking of your thoughtfulness!

4.     Kitchen runner rug
It would be really thoughtful of you to gift your mom a rug with lovely morocco design from online stores. This would keep her feet warm while she is working in the kitchen. It will add beauty and elegance to her work place which she considers her pride. This rug comes in various sizes and patterns that you can choose from online stores. 

5.     Cook book
Have you ever seen the way your mom watches Sanjeev Kapoor on TV? Yes she is glued to his program because she loves the way he cooks and the dishes he prepares are awesome. Imagine her feeling when you gift her cook book by Sanjeev Kapoor. This is available online and you can get it delivered at your doorstep and add joy to your mom’s life. The will treasure it for life and keep it in the safest place at home.

There are many more products available online for you to buy and add to her kitchen collection. Do not wait any longer to make mother’s dayan eventful day for you and your darling mother.


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