Monday, 5 February 2018

Step by step ideas to make Father’s day delightful

Fathers are the perfect role models to all of us. We wonder how a man can be so perfect. His looks, his tone of voice, his walk, his character and many more are worth just admiring. Dads are called super heroes for a reason. He is the bread winner of the house. He takes care of each and everyone in the family in the most special way. He makes sure that everyone’s needs are met at home. He is the strictest person in the family and at the same time easy to melt with just one smile or one tear!  Say him “Thanks” by ordering to send Father’s Day gifts for him. You can make Father’s Day special in many ways. Here are 6 interesting ways that you can amaze the immaculate person in the family.

1.     Wake him up with a bed coffee
This father’s day, you can wake him up with a cup of his favourite cappuccino in a personalised coffee mug which you bought for him online. The mug says ‘ the world’s best DAD’ and of course his best picture on it. What a wonderful way to see his morning smile and the right moment to steal a tight hug from him!

2.     What awaits him in the bathroom?
After the coffee he goes to the bathroom to freshen up and he finds the most charming grooming kit for men packed in a spectacular fashion. He is taken aback by this gift. You have bought it online with an amazing irresistible offer. He uses this kit to groom himself and is pleased with the result. You can surely steal one more hug from him

3.     At the breakfast table
After the well-groomed gentleman come to the dining table for breakfast what does he see? Well, he sees a marvellous bouquet of radiant flowers on the table. He feel elated and takes them and adores them. The flowers are so fresh and colourful that he gets lost into them for a long time. You have done the right thing by choosing the best online florist to deliver the perfect flowers early in the morning on father’s day

4.     Another pleasant surprise waits for him
Once he is done with a scrumptious breakfast, he is getting ready to go to work. He notices something shiny along with his perfectly crisp ironed suit. Yes it is the pair of cuff links that you ordered online for this special moment. It matches the suit so perfectly. He is overflowing with confidence once he is completely dressed. He is astonished at how well you have planned his day. 

5.     Last but never the least
Later in the evening when you tired father returns home, he finds a delicious cake on the table! The sight has just refreshed him and given him new energy. You have ordered a personalised cake with his picture on it. He has a happy tear rolling out from his eye. The moment is just priceless. Consider placing order for online cake delivery on Father’s Day.

6.     Time to go to bed, maybe not!
Just when your Dad thinks he has had enough of surprises, he is retiring to bed with a broad smile and a happy heart. He finds a colourful cushion on the bed. He takes it in his hands and reads the words ‘My Dad, My Superhero’. That’s a gift you bought for him from an online store as well. 

This day will forever be cherished by your father!